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Total Media was founded in 2005 and is the industry leader in its field in Israel, providing a variety of top level solutions for the digital advertising market. The company has many years of experience in implementation, operation and management of the advanced ad serving systems of DoubleClick – the world’s leading media technology company which was acquired by Google in 2009. Since 2012, Total Media represents DoubleClick also in Russia and Ukraine. Marketers, advertisers and publishers benefit from the company’s large-scale experience in ad serving, digital advertising management, video, mobile, Rich Media and storage services – solutions that enable them to make the most of the digital medium.

During its years of operation, the company quickly captured the position as market leader in ad serving solutions and management technologies of digital marketing in Israel. Following the signing of exclusive representation of DoubleClick, Total Media has become a highly influential and contributing player in the Israeli online industry. Total Media currently serves billions of ad impressions each month. The company’s experienced and energetic team has formed, during years of operation, expertise and methods that help publishers, advertisers and interactive agencies improve their online activity results and performance significantly. The company operates in four major fields:

  • Ad serving systems for publishers, websites and mobile apps
  • Ad serving, management and optimization systems for advertisers
  • Diverse solutions for Rich Media and Video
  • Storage and distribution of large ad files

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