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About Join

We founded Join answering a genuine distress we felt from companies and recruiters in the online marketing and digital markets- markets so dynamic they create new positions and professions daily, roles only someone living inside the eco-system can truly understand and profile. We’re able to quantify different roles and the candidates for them – An On-page SEO specialist has little to do with an off-page expert in terms of skill or personality. We see each recruitment process as a performance-based funnel, we generate and harvest demand for positions and candidates both while analyzing traffic sources, conversion rates and of course, the ROI bottom line for both us and our clients.

Why Choose Join?

Because we know the internet landscape: We are internet “freaks”, optimization oriented, social media masters and ROI fanatics.

Because we understand performance. Our team eats, sleeps and breathes Analytics.

Because we love it! We are passionate about the world wide web and it’s endless opportunities.

We believe that in order to recruit digital talents, you have to love digital yourself – That’s why we’re so good at it.

Our Vision

  • Enable our clients to identify, engage and recruit the strongest talents in the digital sphere, while making the job seeking process a pleasant and positive experience for both parties.
  • Strive to make the best possible matches between talents and companies – talents not only suitable in terms of skill but also of personality and social DNA.
  • Continue developing new solutions, methodologies and practices in the recruitment eco-system based on our deep knowledge of the digital eco-system.
    Have fun while we do it.

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