Taptica is a leading mobile user acquisition platform for brands and app developers to engage valuable mobile users. Our proprietary technology is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning at big data scale which enables data driven mobile targeting and user acquisition, resulting in maximum ROI. We work with 150 advertisers and over 1000 supply and publishing partners.

Led by a team of professionals highly experienced in both online and mobile marketing, we identify the best opportunities for advertisers and publishers, allowing app developers to get on with the job they love – creating fantastic mobile apps and services!

Our leading technology utilizes a programmatic media-buying platform at big data scale that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to improve marketing ROI by finding the right users at the right time for the right campaign.

We have achieved results for leading mobile advertisers such as Breaktime Studios, Playtika, Game Insight and EA as well as an ever growing monthly list of top tier clients.

Having worked with over 1000 developers, Taptica has a proven global presence in the USA, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America & Africa.


Our team is a reservoir of in-depth knowledge and expertise in mobile content and advertising. We offer our insights regularly as we share news, statistics, reports and survey results to help guide app developers through decision making processes.

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