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Water is the source of life, the most essential element. Wherever we live, however we live, water is central to our existence and to our quality of life. At Strauss Water we believe that you and your family have the basic right to safe, clean drinking water.

Strauss Water (of the Strauss Group) is a world leading expert in water, offering top quality, great tasting, purified drinking-water solutions. We develop, produce and market environmentally-friendly, drinking-water heating and cooling WaterBars for in-home and business use.

We sell our products in over 10 countries including China, UK and Israel. In China, we collaborated with Haier Group to introduce our WaterMaker line integrated with the patented Maze purification technology.
In 2011 we partnered with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group to market our products in the UK under the “Virgin Pure improving life with Strauss Water” brand.

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