Krypton Venture Capital

Krypton specializes in smart investments in BtoC PC – Business to consumer – personal computer products. The sole purpose of the fund is to quickly launch the startup to the outside world without wasting precious time and capital on unproven and costly due diligence processes. Like many funds we use our capital to help startups finance and build a healthy profitable business in the long run.

What sets us apart from many funds is that Krypton, due its ownership structure, controls over one percent of the global internet marketing traffic, an immeasurable value, when startups join our fund.

We invest by using a self-developed process called “KIM”. Our Krypton Investment Mechanism is a revolutionary method in the venture capital investment funds world, which sets a new unprecedented standard.

As part of our unique investment mechanism, we added a special phase called: “The Mass Intelligence stage”, during which, we expose the start up to our huge traffic base letting the real world determine its strengths and weaknesses. We believe that the new BtoC (Business to consumer) startup world and its potential cannot be investigated by well-dressed investment bankers as it used to be in the traditional VC world, but rather only the real world can determine start ups’ potential and success.

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