CyberInt group specializes in Information and Cyber Security. Over the past two decades we have accumulated a rich and sound experience in the security field, serving as CISOs, Integrators, System Architect, Penetration-testers, Instructors, Technology Resellers, Product Managers and Consultants.

Our comprehensive and broad perspective on information and cyber security enables us to provide intelligent cyber and information security services that answer to the increasing complex security challenges of the modern, digital world.
We present a cross-domain, mission-focused, and methodological approach to cyber and information security risk management. Our clients spread across all market sectors including major High-Tech companies, Global organizations, Telecom operators, financial institutes, Security and Defense vendors, government and military agencies, and critical infrastructure providers.
We regard our professional integrity as a key value of CyberInt code of practice; we are committed to providing our clients with intelligent, effective, and practical solutions that fully address their security needs.

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