Our simple idea, right from the start, was that with the ever-increasing rate of innovation on the web, publishers would have to find new, smarter ways to engage their users. We recognized that user loyalty is a fantasy, and that users would inevitably click away from publisher sites.

With that simple idea in mind, we developed the Community Toolbar. We recognized that to engage users here on Earth, we needed to start in the cloud. Publishers praised it, users downloaded it, and we surprised ourselves (to be honest) by becoming Israel’s largest Internet company, worth close to $1.5B in the latest valuation.

Today, more than 260,000 publishers and 250 million end users in 120 countries are engaging with our tools. (People gasp when they hear these numbers, but that’s because we’ve spent our time accommodating our network rather than the media).

We’re proud that it isn’t just the big brands that reap the benefits of our solutions. Sure, Groupon, Fox News, Time Warner Cable, Travelocity, and The Weather Channel utilize our platform to engage their users. But we also have hundreds of thousands of publishers you’ve never heard of, whose small businesses have become more successful as a result of our offerings.

As the web continues to change, our simple idea hasn’t. We’ve continued to push the engagement envelope, giving publishers the tools to create mobile sites and mobile apps. And because we’re relentless about our product, everything we release is intuitive, requiring no shaking, stirring, or coding.

We also like to bring pleasure into people’s lives, and when we saw an engagement idea that put a smile on our face — like Wibiya, an awesome platform for targeting website visitors — we seized the opportunity and brought them into our family.

So our mission, to cut to the chase, is “Engaging People.” And yes, the double entendre is intentional. We’re a company of more than 400 people who are passionate, talented, opinionated, sometimes a bit rowdy, but always full of ideas.

We’re passionate about engaging people. And we’re always working hard to discover the next engaging opportunity. Wherever it might come from.

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